Curation Policy

Here at, we take curation seriously.

Our website,, is dedicated to creating and curating high-quality content for our readers. 

We all know that the internet is the ideal place to find, share, and recommend excellent stories from great sources. It is built with that kind of purpose. 

So, here at, curation is an essential aspect for us to discover articles across the web that is interesting, well-written, and specifically relevant to our avid readers. 

Choosing the best articles from sources like your site is a sign that you have written quality content that is worth sharing with our readers. We are recognizing it as one of the stories worthy of getting more reads and appreciation. By curating and excerpting your written article, we highly recommend and direct our readers to view your creation on your website. 

Our curation is specially created to expand the reach of your readership by sending our readers to your site and articles. 

We value every written piece in the internet, which is why we curated and excerpted your content—to receive the attention and appreciation your article deserves. We believe that it was outstanding and worth sharing in some way. 

However, if you happen to have an issue regarding the curated article and you wish not to excerpt your content, you can request your story to be taken down by contacting us.

We will comply immediately with your request and take down your stories without exception. Your site will automatically be put on our list of websites not to excerpt from again. 

We often get emails from publishers and authors about our curation and excerpted articles and 99% of them are delighted with our effort to increase their reach and the exposure they receive for their stories as the benefit of our curation.


Internet publishers understand that having their stories quoted, discussed, commented on, debated, and encouraged to have new readers to the articles is essential. Most of them believe that it is a great effort to increase traffic, readers, and even sales. 

The method of social sharing of various online materials is only beneficial to the reach, influence, and even profitability of the actual website of the publisher.