Player pianos were once a common sight in homes across America. These mechanical instruments could be used to play any piece of music, and they were often seen as a symbol of status and wealth. Today, player pianos are much less common, but they remain fascinating objects. People often ask about player pianos: "How much does one player Piano weigh?"

The answer to this question is much more relevant on dozens of occasions. For example, if you own a piano or want to own one, this is the question you should ask before you are ready to move a piano. Pianos vary in size as well as weight, hence the key to this question may be figuring out what type of piano you have.

Pianos are euphonious. But moving pianos can be cumbersome, and understanding why it is so is the reason is its weight and complexity. For the safe moving of the piano, we must take significant precautions so that piano parts remain intact, and for that, we need to analyze the piano dimensions.

Among all, piano weight is a vital point to consider. Player pianos typically weigh differ among a variety. If you know the exact details about the model, brand, and built material of your piano, it is very helpful to know the piano weight by surfing online. Even if you are unaware of all this no need to worry.

This article will guide you through different types of pianos with their key features and weights including new and old pianos. Also, it will give you a rough idea about the process of relocation of the instrument. This article will give you an overview of estimated piano weight, and what method should be preferred for relocation.

The piano weighs by style.

The piano weight may vary with the type of piano. Based on the type, they are classified into upright pianos, baby grand pianos, and grand pianos. But as a professional, knowing how much does a piano will approximately weigh is much wiser. Hence, here is a quick breakdown of it.

One of this popular piano that are preferred are of an upright piano, which weigh around 300-500 lbs or 136-226 Kg. While baby grand pianos weigh around 500-650 lbs or 226-294 Kg. The first choice of professional pianists grand pianos are quite heavy and weigh anything between 700-1200 lbs or 317-544 Kg.

The above measurement shows the average of almost seven to eight piano weights from all major brands, considering new and old models. If we take an average of all, the piano weighs around 753 lbs (342 kg).

How to know your piano weight?

If you are reading this article about moving a piano and to decide to hire a professional company or not. There are some factors you should consider before moving a piano. For example, one can't just stick to a particular measurement but should have a general idea about popular brands, styles, and the average weight of these brands.

The material used for built

Most of the portion of the piano's weight is due to the heavy cast iron plate used. Older upright pianos weigh more than the new versions because of the use of wood in the making.

Overall Construction

Acoustic pianos are heavy due to the overall weight added by construction. Typically they are heavy due to building with wood, Fully weighted keys, and primarily heavy cast iron plates. Also, wheels attached to the structure make them heavier; in comparison, Digital pianos are way lighter due to their construction with plastic.

Know your piano weight by its kind

An average of any measurement would not clarify the actual thing. In below section will provide a detailed assessment of piano weights.

Upright Piano/ Vertical pianos

These common and favorite acoustic pianos are mostly chosen for churches, music schools, and homes. They are designed by placing the keys above the strings. Due to this, it occupies less space and is easier to relocate than other types.

Spinet piano

Spinet pianos are the smallest vertical piano found and weigh around 200 - 400 lbs or 91- 181 kg. It can be easily relocated with the help of two healthy adults.

console pianos

They are the most popular among upright pianos, console pianos weigh around 350-450 lbs or 159-205 Kg, almost equal to what spinet pianos weigh, and can be relocated similarly.

studio pianos

Studio pianos weigh and measure slightly more than console pianos. But they are popular in music schools due to the best bargain between size and tone. Studio pianos weigh around 400-500 lbs or 158 to 227 Kg and can be shifted with the help of three healthy adults.

Upright piano

Upright pianos are the tallest of all vertical pianos, primarily old ones found in Churches or grandparents' basements. Upright piano's weight may vary drastically based on the era of manufacturing, type of wood, or make and size. Generally, upright pianos weigh approximately 500-1000 lbs or 227-454 Kg.

Grand piano

Grand pianos vary more widely than vertical pianos. They come in various sizes, prizes and weights. The concert grand pianos measure up to nine feet long. Hence below are measurements for the piano weights that may help you choose between moving a piano by yourself or hiring professional movers.

Petite/miniature grand pianos

As the name suggests, any piano under five feet is considered a petite or miniature grand piano. They are relatively light to be a grand piano. Considering the average grand piano's weight, it is pretty low weighted and weighs between 400-500 lbs or 181-227 Kg.

Miniature grand pianos weigh almost the same as studio pianos and can be relocated with the help of three strong adults.

Baby grand pianos

They are the widest choice in the grand piano category due to their modest size, attractive tone, playing capacity, and economical pricing compared to a professional grand piano. On average, a baby grand piano weighs around 500-600 lbs or 226-272 Kg.

They can be shifted from place to place with the help of four strong adults, or if you know its construction, you can move a piano weight by parts.

medium grand pianos

Medium grand pianos have a whole tone but are designed to fit in homes and apartments. This type of piano weighs 500-600 lbs or 226-272 Kg. Medium grand pianos are owned mainly by professionals, music schools, and piano hobbyists.

living room grand pianos

The living room grand piano contains all technical amenities compared to the concert grand piano. They come slightly larger than the medium grand pianos, and their average weight is 700 lbs or 318 Kg. They are a great choice between professional tone and space management.

Professional grand pianos

A piano measuring more than six feet is considered a professional piano. The professional grand piano length varies between 5'9" and 6'2," and the piano weighs around 700-800 lbs or 318-362 Kg.

Recital grand piano

Recital grand piano also called the Model A piano and often chosen for university concert halls/recital halls, is also preferred by semi-concert halls. The Grand piano BB model known for its robust sound, precise touch and consistent action is considered a recital grand piano. This type of piano weighs around 750-850 lbs or 340-385 Kg. Considering the piano's weight, size and price, it will be wise to hire a professional company.

Ballroom/semi concert grand pianos

Ballroom grand piano length is anything above seven feet. They are primarily preferred in medium/semi concert to large concert halls and recording studios. Ballroom grand pianos weigh around 900-1000 lbs or 408-453 Kg and should be relocated with the help of professional movers.

concert grand piano

Concert grand pianos are the pinnacle and are only preferred for professional halls, venues, and studios. Model D concert grand piano is the greatest and finest choice made by a professional pianist. This type of piano weighs 900-1200 lbs or 408-544 Kg. Concert grand pianos are chosen for their excellent tone.

Electric pianos

This type of piano's weight varies accordingly, but they are much lighter and easy to port than any of the above pianos.

BEGINNER'S electric keyboard

They are made of plastic, have a light essential structure, and are digital. Beginners' electric pianos are affordable and made for kids and beginners. They weigh approximately 20-40 lbs or 9-18 Kg.

Professional digital keyboard

Professional digital pianos that have semi-weighted or fully-weighted keys. They are costly and weigh more than beginner keyboards due to the incorporation of metals and wood. This type of piano weighs approximately 25-60 lbs or 11 to 27 Kg.

professional stage pianos

These pianos have a heavy build and are more extensive. They do not usually come with speakers and require external attachment. As they are heavy and oversized, they are easily relocated with hard cases with wheels. The weight of these pianos can be 40-120 lbs or 18-24 Kg.

A standalone digital piano or digital upright piano

Digital upright pianos are designed to look like spinet pianos and are made to replace small spinet pianos. Features like fully weighted keys, in-built speakers, and 88 keys are available in this version of the upright piano. Digital upright pianos weigh 100-300 lbs or 45-136 Kg.

Digital Grand piano

This type is a grand version of standalone digital/ digital upright piano. Their design style matches that of a miniature grand piano. They have features like fully weighted keys, in-built quality speakers, 88 keys, and incredible sound quality. This piano weighs 150-350 lbs or 68-158 Kg less than a spinet piano, which is the lightest upright piano.

Should you consider the weight of the piano while purchasing?

One should be open to the piano's weight as a piano enthusiast. The weight should be different from the factor in bargain your choice. While purchasing any piano, individuals should think about tone, quality, and comfort.

Heavy pianos, like Grand pianos, have incredible and delicate tones, with more keys and other features. But are only suitable for professional handling. One should consider buying heavy or lightweight pianos according to the need and use of the piano.

If you are comfortable with heavy pianos, go for it; transporting may cost extra, but it will be worth it. But before any purchase planning out price, size and space will be a much better move. Almost all the pianos last longer, so you have to move a heavy piano for few times, that is all.


Let's start with first, how much does a piano should weigh to be a practical purchase? The piano's weight should be the factor considered during the relocation of the instrument to make a proper decision. Acoustic pianos weigh more than electric ones due to the use of wood and metals for construction.

Moving acoustic pianos may be a tedious task, due to their heavy weight. But some moving tips, such as moving with four caster dolly for lightweight piano, or measuring the surroundings before moving the instrument may ease the process. While electric pianos can be moved very easily without much precaution and headache.

The weight of the different pianos is measured differently. For example, an average piano weighs around 753 lbs or 342 Kg. Based on various parameters piano may vary in weight. But one should not consider heavyweight pianos are good purchases or lightweight pianos as having the wrong keys.

It depends on individual to individual. Also, with time, electric pianos are getting much better; one should consider that fact also. The quality of the sound and the comfort of playing the piano should be the parameter of your choice.

This article is a compilation of all the information that you might be searching for, with the one question in your head, "how much does a piano weigh?".

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