If you're eager to learn how to get good at piano fast, you've come to the right place! Undoubtedly, mastering this fantastic instrument takes time, dedication, and practice, but with some expert tips and tricks, beginners can play piano in no time.

This blog post will provide an insider's perspective into techniques any experienced piano teacher use to get your hands run faster on a piano. Through practical exercises and helpful advice, you'll be playing like a pro in no time.

So put your hands at the ready, and let's start learning; here are some of the easiest ways to become an expert piano player:

Manage your piano playing practice time

To become an expert, you need to practice piano apart from being patient. There is no replacement for piano practice to become an expert; even professional musicians have regular practice sessions. When you are planning your piano playing practice time, remember the following factors:

  • You should schedule a regular practice session in your daily piano routine. If you think you can learn piano by playing the instrument whenever you get the time, you are mistaken. You must play the piano for at least 30 minutes every day.
  • The more practice you get at playing the piano, the better you will become at playing the instrument. You must practice the same piece several times to avoid missing notes and become perfect when learning piano.

Hence, there is no alternative to practicing to become an expert and play the piano like an advanced player. So you make to keep practicing playing the piano and avoid making mistakes. This will help you become a better piano player faster.

Become a better piano player by practicing reading sheet music

You must learn to read sheet music when playing the piano and practicing the instrument, which is essential to becoming a professional pianist. When you are practicing reading sheet music, you must keep the following things in mind:

  • When you are practicing sight reading and trying to play the piano with the help of sheet music, do not worry about missing notes and mistakes. Instead, it would be best to play the entire music before moving to a new piece.
  • Simply playing the music from start to finish to your best ability and running through it a few more times is essential to the practice time and the reading of sheet music.

Hence, sitting at your piano to play an entire song from sheet music during a practice session is a good idea. As a piano player, incorporating this during your p practice time can be pretty helpful in becoming an expert. When you plan your practice routine to practice the piano at home, you need to design the schedule to give you time to complete an individual piece of music during each session.

Avoid missing out on taking piano lessons.

To ensure that you get sufficient piano practice, you must put aside a specific time during the day for practice. However, along with your piano practice routine, you need to ensure that you do not miss out on taking piano lessons. If you miss a lesson, you will find that you have fallen behind the other piano students of your teacher.

You cannot expect to become an expert in piano in one session. But at the same time, you must attend classes regularly to understand your progress and compare it with other students. Your teacher might find it challenging to teach a song that she has already taught in a lesson you have missed. You will have to work extra hard to learn the music and play the piano.

Avoid practicing music or song that you already know

It might be fun to play the same piece or song. However, it can slow your progress, and you will find that you are getting bored playing the same music. According to tips given by piano teachers, students need to learn something new and complex as this can keep them motivated.

Students need to be taught the keyboard in a fun way. But that does not mean they have to play the same piece repeatedly. To keep your students interested in playing the piano, you must introduce them to new pieces and ensure they can play the songs.

When students practice playing the piano, it is essential to teach them to identify their mistakes while playing. This is also one of the most important tips given by experts, as this can help you to play better. If you can hear and identify your mistakes, you will play the piano without making errors.

Tips for playing the piano from Youtube videos

If you plan to play the keyboard by watching a youtube video, you need first to understand that here, too, you will need to do piano practice regularly. So make a practice schedule and adhere to it. Some of the tips that will help you learn piano from a youtube video are as follows:

  • Among all tips about learning piano from an online video, the most important is that you must be prepared for hard work. As no teacher will guide you, it is essential to be diligent and play the piano with all seriousness.
  • When it comes to tips for learning piano from a youtube video, you must remember that you must develop a sense of music. When you develop a sense of music, you must diligently follow the tips given in the video and play the piano regularly.

If you want to learn to play the piano fast, you must be prepared to put in hard work. Learning the instrument requires putting in at least thirty minutes of practice daily. If you put in the necessary time, your progress will be faster, and you will feel satisfied. Hence, even if you are learning from online videos, you must have a schedule and follow it.

Set a clear goal and work towards it

It is essential to set a goal and work towards it. If you feel your progress could be faster, check if you have set your goals correctly. For example, your goal should be something like you should learn one song in a single session or you will complete practicing two songs in a single sitting. Of course, taking a break during your practice sessions is essential, but it should not divert you from what you want to achieve in the session.

However, students sometimes need to set the right goals. For example, if you plan to practice for three hours at a stretch, you will find it quite formidable. Similarly, if you want to learn a complete piece of classical music in a single session, you will find that it is more than just formidable; it might be impossible. If you set such goals, you will be demotivated and give up on the piano before playing your first successful piece. Thus it is essential to set a clear goal and work towards it.

Practice each hand separately to become an expert at playing the keyboard

You must check your hand movements if you feel slow learning the piano. You need to ensure that your hands move swiftly across the keyboard so that you can play the sound you want. Sometimes pianists need to work on their hand movements separately. Here is what you need to know about hand movement across the piano.

  • It would be best if you played an entire piece with each hand before using both hands to play the song or the piece.
  • When you have played the piece with your left hand separately, you need to proceed to play it with your right hand. You will learn to use each hand and then use both hands to play the piece.
  • You can practice playing one to two bars with your left hand and the same with your right hand. You will find that initially, it is slow, but slowly you can play the same bars with both hands. It is a good idea to break the piece into manageable segments so you can expertly play the piano with both hands.

Do not think this will increase your time to play the piano. Instead, you will find that you can learn to play the instrument with both hands faster if you give equal time to both hands separately. On the other hand, using two hands to play the instrument right from the beginning can make learning to play the piano quite challenging and slow you down.

Practice playing classical music

Learning to read and play classical music when you play the piano is essential. It might seem daunting, but with practice, you will find playing classical music is essential and can help you learn the piano faster. Here is how classical music can be helpful in learning piano faster:

  • When you play classical music, you learn the instrument's technique faster.
  • The technique of playing the piano would mean learning to hold a note longer, swifter movements of your fingers, and better control of the keyboard.
  • With classical pieces, you will find that the movement of your fingers across the keyboard has become better and swifter. As a result, you have become a better piano player.

Most piano teachers give their students essential advice to play sheet music, especially classical pieces, to get to a point where they can understand and play even the most complex pieces. This is essential advice because, as a student, if you want to learn piano faster, becoming an expert in finger movement is essential. You can achieve it by playing classical pieces.

Finding a good teacher

If you want to learn piano from the beginning, you need to get a good teacher who can guide you through the process. You will find that she will schedule classes weekly, and you need to attend them regularly. Your teacher will also guide you regarding the number of practice hours you must put in a week to become an expert.

Practice is vital to becoming a good piano player within a short period. However, when you practice, you must refrain from repeating the mistakes because it will become quite challenging to rectify. When you join a piano class with a teacher, she will help you understand the best way to develop the skill to become a good pianist.

You must also update your teacher about the number of hours in a week that you managed to put in. It is essential to be honest with your teacher so that she can guide and help you with your progress. Finally, you must work with your teacher and listen to her advice to improve your keyboard skill.

Always warm up before you start playing.

You need to warm up and strengthen your fingers and wrists to avoid fatigue when playing the piano. In addition, if you want to learn piano fast, it is necessary to ensure that you do not hurt your hand in the process.

Many pianists complain of carpal tunnel syndrome because they have spent hours practicing on the keyboard. However, you can easily avoid it if you spend some time warming up your hands and relaxing the muscles.

It only takes a moment to injure your hand and fingers, which can be pretty painful. The key to avoiding such matters is to warm up properly before a session and then play the instrument. This will ensure that you do not hurt your hand even if you play the piano for more than an hour.

Sometimes it might be good to go slow.

Although you want to learn the piano fast, it is essential to remember that it takes time to pick up complex pieces. You must gain a certain amount of expertise before playing complex pieces. You will find that you will have to play a complex piece at least three times before you can play it with expertise.


Sometimes students feel that the right teacher can help them learn the piano fast. However, you need to understand that you will have to practice hard and regularly to become an expert in playing the piano.

Developing a schedule and setting goals to improve your playing skills are vital in order to master music. To become an expert, it is essential to interpret and comprehend what is heard. Additionally, following the advice of one's instructor is critical in order to achieve the desired results.

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